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  • Governor of Edo State

    Programme of Study and Courses leading to Academic Award of the National Certicate of EducationA programme of study is the approved

  • Permanent Site

    The permanet site is located at Ekiadolor, Edo state, the following structures at the site are: Administrative building, Library etc

  • Student’s Life

    The student life in campus is greatly at its best as the good standard of education and the frendly people of Ekiadolor makes campus life more to be fun.

Move Forward With our college

College of Education, Ekiadolor, Edo State, provides variety of top class courses. The purpose of this college is to bring the best of current educational practices to Nigeria. We are glad to have you on our site. In case you are considering studying at our college go ahead and check out our courses. Have a look at our forum pages and watch out for latest news

Programme of Study and Courses leading to Academic Award of the National Certicate of Education A programme of study is the approved curriculum leading to a specified and named award of the National Certificate as followed by an individual student. The programme may be identical with a course or may be one of a number of standard routes within a larger course programme. The College Of Education will admit students to its courses on a full-time, part-time, mixed-mode or distance learning basis as appropriate. All programmes of study will conform to the Institution's regulations and requirements as may be accredited by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).

At present, we are a growing community of about 2000 students, but which is intended to grow quite rapidly. The College Of Education has been constituted to achieve the status of Centre of Excellence in the very near future.In particular, you will experience two important aspects of our modern education. Firstly, there is much more emphasis on 'student centered learning'. This means that you will take a highly active part in your own learning and will not be a passive body to which information is fed, only to be quickly forgotten. It is expected that this will facilitate much better understanding of the topics involved and lead you to be able to develop your own ideas. Secondly, you will see that there is a major shift in the assessment regime. The over-reliance on traditional examinations has been replaced with a mixture ofcontinuous assessment and examinations at the institution

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